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About John Berling Hardy

A compelling speaker, John Berling Hardy has a passion for helping people improve professionally and personally. With his strong background in crisis management, advising on both sides of the Atlantic, Berling-Hardy has had many years of experience working with a wide array of businesses in numerous cultural settings.


After years in the financial industry, it wasn’t until the early 1990's that his ground-breaking ideas were born. While working in crisis management in Hungary, for a food processing company struggling to cope with the transition from Communism to a market based economy, the wheels began to turn. When fraud, lies and corruption emerged from beneath the veneer.... a hidden game was revealed.


Upon his return to Toronto he began to notice the patterns he experienced at the plant in Hungary repeating themselves in both professional and personal settings. This wasn’t an isolated incident - but a glimpse into the human condition! From this discovery, Hardy discerned the hidden pattern that lies behind the chaotic array of events that he had experienced over the years. He not only discovered the master key, but he created a method to help businesses and individuals unlock their inner potential and succeed in the game of life. 

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