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The Circle Square Pattern

The Circle Square Pattern is a social dynamic that locks the consciousness of the organization in place, promoting rigidity and cronyism. This book demonstrates how these are not merely the unintended consequences of the old system, but in fact its hidden agenda. so long as this pattern remains intact, the current consciousness, and all that goes with it, remains fixed in place. This book is a call to action. The time has come to free ourselves from this yoke and seek a better future for both ourselves and those who are to follow in our footsteps.  

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The Hidden Game Revealed

You place your bets, spin the wheel, and take your chances. What if this was true but with one important twist? The wheel was rigged in such a way that it was skewed towards the benefit of a few insiders-the players. and they were able to conceal this game in such a way that everybody thought they had an even chance of winning.  Learning about the game, how it is set up, who the players are, and how they play, is your best bet to getting what you want out of life.

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