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In order to be successful, every organization needs a competitive edge. This edge must be honed to the point that it is consistent, and can be relied upon through thick and thin. In order to be sustainable, this edge needs to be defensible. The ultimate competitive edge is one that is invisible to your competition. The key benefit that our intervention will provide your organization is the Invisible Edge.

What it is

Our value proposition is a very quick and simple intervention that will immediately improve team performance, and by extension, organizational performance. What makes it unique is that it turns the classical approach to human resources and organizational development upside down and inside out.

Key Benefits

1. Rapid- the results being experienced right from the get-go, and progressively increasing over time.

2. Sustainable- it works with, rather than against, the deeper informal power structure, thereby neutralizing the overt and covert opposition likely to arise.

3. Measurable- the process employs a diagnostic, making this know-know both quantifiable, and transferable.

4. Safe- preserves the deeper balance of the organization in the short run, giving the positive changes the chance to run their course, without compromising the short-term viability of the organization.

5. Enhances Morale- improves productivity while enhancing morale by  increasing flow rather than pressure.

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