To succeed in life, we need an Edge - something that sets us apart from those around us.  Something that will help us to win consistently and predictably in the Game of Life. This can be a special talent, a special connection, or a piece of special inside information. We usually refer to this as the Inside Edge.


The Outsider is at the back of the line when it comes to acquiring this Inside Edge, so the only way that they can prevail in the Game of Life is to acquire an Outside Edge. All Outsiders share one thing in common - their own unique perspective. This is what sets them apart. This is what makes them Outsiders.


The Outside Edge is created by translating this unique perspective into a tangible competitive advantage in the Game. In my case this Outside Edge was seeing what others don't- the hidden pattern that determines who wins and who loses in the Game of Life. The best way I can share this with you is by helping you to see the Hidden Game in your life, through a complimentary advisory session.


It's as easy as pressing the button below to schedule your complimentary session. When you do, I will also send you a bonus, a pdf of my eBook, 'Social Jiu-jitsu.