That which distinguishes my advisory approach from others, is that I include an area that the vast majority of coaches shy away from- that being the political/ strategic aspect of life. All our social encounters, be they with colleagues, clients, friends, or with family; share a hidden political aspect. Though often concealed, it plays a dominant role in determining the outcomes in the various arenas of our life.


We, as individuals, do not exist in a vacuum. Whatever we wish to achieve in life involves other people. These people can be collaborators, or they can be competitors. In order for us to be successful in any of our endeavors we have to deal with the social landscape in which we find ourselves. Those people who have the ability to perceive the subtle connections that lie beneath the surface in social groups are usually those who in the longer term come out on top. Conversely, those who are unaware of these connecting links, will almost invariably come up short in the end.




1. Advising individuals within the context of their personal lives.

2. Advising individuals within the context of their professional lives. 

3. Advising organizations in regard to better aligning their social power structures with their mission statement.