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We provide a unique intervention that provides three key benefits to any organization:

1. Gets the organization back on course.

2. Improves productivity creativity while enhancing morale.

3. Strengthens the moral rudder of the organization.

The core premise behind our intervention is that the hierarchical management structure conceals an inherent flaw- a skew in the selection process. This skew has two parts:

1. Marginalizing certain individuals of great value, but who are either too unusual, too discordant, or too quiet to fit in.

2. Lionizing other individuals who, though they may appear intelligent and compelling, are in fact brilliant impression managers who pose a hidden threat to the organization.

In the shorter term, this skew is often imperceptible. However, over the longer term the impacts include the following:

1. The organization is steered off-course, and as time progresses, this divergence increases exponentially.

2. The working environment within the organization becomes progressively more toxic, as pressure increases, and communication becomes increasingly inauthentic.

3. The organization begins to lose its moral bearing, as expediency and profit squeeze out integrity and humanity in the decision-making process.

While this skew pervades the entire organization, we will find its seeds within the individual team. Therefore, it is here, at the individual team level, that we provide the intervention. We subtly adjust the skew, sufficiently, to reverse the vicious spiral, transforming it into a virtuous spiral. In this way we are setting the organization on course towards regaining health in the long term, while addressing the risk of chaos and disruption in the short term.


How we do it

Using our proprietary diagnostic we are able to identify:

1. Those Masters who are typically overlooked in the selection process, and passed over for promotion.

2. Those Influencers who appear to be star performers, but in actual fact, steal the oxygen, and are a net detriment to the organization, particularly if they are unchecked.

3. The informal power structure that is the true driver of the organization.

We engage with both the Masters and the Influencers within the context of the underlying informal power structure in a way that leads to the best results for the organization. The outcome is a reversal of the present downward spiral, into a virtuous spiral, without shocking the deeper equilibrium within the organization.


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